Best backup imaging software for mint 12?

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Re: Best backup imaging software for mint 12?

Post by SDatl404 »

viking777 wrote:whether or not my windows 'shiver' as they shut down
LMAO.... that is like the most important thing EVER. You should check your priorities. haha :lol:
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Re: Best backup imaging software for mint 12?

Post by mads »

russ553 wrote:

Haven't used it yet but I have it burned to a cd.

Uses PartClone.
First of all, a big thanks to russ553. This tool seems to be a good one. :)

It can only run from a live CD. I downloaded and burned the iso.
When you run it from CD, there is a wheel on the left side of the screen. Click Administration and then "Install to USB Drive" if you want to make a bootable USB,
otherwise select Backup or Restore options on the desktop.

I have backed up two partitions, one ext3 and one ext4.
To backup the ext3 partition (10.3 GB , 37% used), I used the CD. It took less than 4 minuttes and the image was 1.6 GB big. (The same image made by Norton Ghost took over 20 minuttes and was 1.7 GB big.)
To backup the ext4 partition (12.1 GB , 40% used), I used the USB. It took less than 10 minuttes and the image was 2.7 GB big. (The same image made by Clonezilla took about the same time and was about the same size.)

I used it to restore my ext4 partition. It took less than 4 minuttes.
I haven't used it to restore my ext3 partition yet.

Very nice GUI, easy to do tasks, lots of additional useful tools, backup to network drive, works for both Linux and Windows
It boots extremely slow (up to 3 minuttes)

Conclusion: If you are tired of Clonezilla's command lines, and want something that looks pretty and works for both ext3 and ext4 partitions, you will love this tool.
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Re: Best backup imaging software for mint 12?

Post by viking777 »

It may be alright, I haven't heard of it before, but I wan't a solution that I can install, not run from optical media. So far qt4-fsarchiver is the only one. (I multi boot so I can image one distro whilst continuing to work in another. It is much more productive and actually encourages me to make images more often than I would if I did the images from a cd, and that way my images are always very nearly up to date).
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