mint 12 freezing

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mint 12 freezing

Post by jdhartz »

I am new to mint a convert from ubuntu. Acer laptop AMD CPU and GPU, Mint 12 64 bit dvd ran OK so I installed from DVD as dual boot with W7. Install seem to run OK. Did all the updates including the AMD driver. The AMD driver trashed the display (greeked text) so I back it out, worked fine on the open driver. Next day I tried to boot too mint, The login screen froze no mouse, no keyboard, no CTRL-ALT-Fx. I did a hard shutdown and tried booting from the GRUB recovey. I was able to login, but the desktop froze same as before. Is this a hardware or software problem? Does anybody have a soloution?

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Re: mint 12 freezing

Post by xenopeek »

That sounds like a software problem. Try in the GRUB menu to press 'e' to edit the boot parameters, and replace "quiet splash" on the line starting with 'linux', with "nomodeset" or "xforcevesa=xforcevesa" (without the quotes). Then continue the boot.

Looks like the removal of the AMD drivers didn't return everything to normal.

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