XBoing, XPat2, XGalaga sound with PulseAudio

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XBoing, XPat2, XGalaga sound with PulseAudio

Postby chipschap » Thu Aug 02, 2012 1:08 am

XBoing and XGalaga, great classics both, have no sound in the recent distros because their audio method is incompatible with pulseaudio. Running in a padsp wrapper causes unacceptable lag in XBoing and enough in XGalaga to be annoying (and to even do this you have to get source and recompile).

I've come up with a fix that works quite well; I rewrote the audio routines to use multiple pulseaudio connections and the results are about 99% acceptable in my environment, maybe even 100% :)

I did the same with XPat2, though audio isn't so important to the experience in that game.

The code is hackish but if there are any players who want to try it I can send either a compiled binary or the replacement source. Send a PM and let me know which game.
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Re: XBoing sound

Postby viking777 » Thu Aug 02, 2012 10:39 am

I hope it's OK to post email here, xboing@bobnewell.net.

Its OK to post your email here provided you don't mind being flooded with spam - personally I suggest you remove it, people interested in your solution can contact you through forum email or pm.
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