Mint 14 - No Sound [SOLVED]

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Mint 14 - No Sound [SOLVED]

Post by Flumuxed » Fri Dec 28, 2012 5:47 pm

Having installed Mint 14 on a Samsung Netbook with no issues, I took the bold step of installing it on my main PC which was running Windows 7. All seemed to work ok, but no sound. The PC has an Asus M3N78-VM motherboard, with on board sound and video. My set up uses the HDMI output from the board, into a home theatre system.

Having spent a whole day trying to sort this and having to do a full re-install after breaking it, I believe the solution to be as follows:

1. install Gnome ALSA Mixer
2. After install open from, Menu - Sound and Video;
3. On the lower left side of the mixer window are a number of check boxes, as follows:
  • IEC958
    IEC958 Default PCM
    Dynamic Power Control
    Independent HP
(My set up had the first two checked.)

4. Check IEC958 (3rd one down) so that first 3 are all checked
5. Master Volume - this was on minimum, but once sound was working, this seemed to have no adverse effect on the volume.

I trust this may help someone and save them a few hours of heartache!!

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Re: Mint 14 - No Sound [SOLVED]

Post by hhead » Thu Jan 03, 2013 6:00 pm

This might explain what I've just done on my daughter's laptop. I installed Skype tested it- no sound although she has not complained (not solved), checked speakers one worked (RHS) then neither would work, checked video on u-tube (no sound) not solved, tried Mp3 file no sound, installed Gnome ALSA Mixer really to find out the sound card name. Checked and unchecked a few boxes in this and general sounds are working mp3's system sounds, test sound in skype (although not test call)....

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