[SOLVED]Youtube full screen lag, flash 11 Mint 15

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[SOLVED]Youtube full screen lag, flash 11 Mint 15

Post by antonio29200 » Sat Jun 15, 2013 6:55 am

Hi, I've started this post because in experiencing the following issue:

When I had Linux Mint 14 (cinnamon edition 64bit), full screen youtube videos worked fine, but now, I've switched to Linux Mint 15 cinnamon edition 64 bits, a youtube videos play very laggy in fullscreen. In fact, a lot of tearing can be easily seen when the video is playing in fullscreen. I don't know why this is happening, what I know is that there was no problem in Mint 14.

My computer specs are the following:
Graphics: nvidia geforce 8400gs
Motherboard: asus p5kpl/1600
CPU: Intel core 2 duo, 2 x 2,8 GHz
Hard disk: Sea gate 750gb

Thanks in advance for your help!!, hope you solve my problem!

-1. FIRST STEP: Enable hardware acceleration in flash (right click on a vyoutube vid, for example-> configuration-> enable hardware acceleration).
-2. SECOND. install this two packages (don't know if it's necessary, but after this I haven't exprienced this problem):

Code: Select all

sudo apt-get install libvdpau1 vdpau-va-driver
-3. Edit the file commonly placed in /etc/adobe/mms.cfg

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sudo gedit /etc/adobe/mms.cfg
If you don't have it, search in GOOGLE how to create the flash configuration file in ubuntu.

-4. Once you are editing the file with your favourite text editor (in this case, gedit), add this two lines:

Code: Select all

-5 Save and Exit!, and restart your browser, and the porblem should be solved!!.

Important notes:

This has worked for me with a Linux Mint 15 olivia cinnamon 64 bits installation, I think it can work on another ubuntu based system. I'm using propietary NVIDIA DRIVERS version 313-updates with a nvidia geforce 8400gs graphics card. Have to say this has solved low player resolution, screen tearing and even more in youtube videos!, and not only in youtube videos, it works for all the flash files along the web!.

Hope that's works for everyone!!. Goodbye!!

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Re: [SOLVED]Youtube full screen lag, flash 11 Mint 15

Post by iowabeakster » Fri Oct 11, 2013 7:44 am

HI all,

This isn't exactly the same topic, but since this seems to be often hit thread, I've fixed a video problem that I had. I had some pretty bad tearing watching videos of any kind.

Intel i5
Nvidia gtx660 (proprietary drivers)

1. open the file /etc/environment file with text editor, you can copy paste this line to do that

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gksudo gedit /etc/environment
enter password

2. add these two lines to the file

Code: Select all

this is what mine looks like after the addition:

Code: Select all


3. Save the file, and reboot.

I no longer have any tearing with any kind of videos or rapid window movements, etc.

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