SOLVED -- Possible sound Bug

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SOLVED -- Possible sound Bug

Postby CutRightSharpening » Thu Jun 26, 2014 12:17 am

Hi all,
That last round of updates appears to have disable the sound on my Dell Dimension B310.
Everything was fine 1 week ago and I did an update last night and I have no sound today.
Yes, before someone asks, I have checked the speakers and they do still work. I have also checked to see if I can get sound out of the speakers on my LCM-19 Monitor and no I don't. I did when I first did the Mint 15 installation, but not now.

7/1/14 OK, For me at least, for some reason a hard accidental bump of the machine during housework seems to have fixed if.
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Re: Possible sound Bug

Postby guerrerofran » Thu Jun 26, 2014 12:48 am

Same exact issue here. I updated my Linux Mint 16 with a few recommended updates (can't recall what exactly, where could I find a log o what mint-update installs?) and now have no sound. Not on my speakers, not in my earphones. Everything worked nicely until the update, I could not say the issue appeared just after the update because I only update before going to bed and obviously I shut down my PC after that.

I looked what was on 'alsamixer' on the terminal, but evertyhting seems to be correctly configured, nothing muted.

Thanks in advance.

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