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Odd HDMI Sound Glitch - Mint 17 - 18

Posted: Fri Jul 08, 2016 10:11 am
by OhioYJ
The PC in my bedroom is hooked to TV by a HDMI cable. Randomly when switching between applications or videos I will lose all sound. To bring the sound back I can go to the sound settings and flip between headphones and then back to HDMI, and then go into test sound, and hit the front left or front right buttons until I get a response. Once I get any sort of a response, I can go back to VLC or the web browser and finish my video and have sound. This happened in Mint Cinnamon 17 (all versions) and now 18. In 17 I only tried it with the nvidia driver. However in 18 it happens with both the nvidia driver, and the nouveau, which leads me to believe the problem is elsewhere.

Anyone else run into this?