Alert sounds volume resets to zero

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Alert sounds volume resets to zero

Post by networklackey »


When I set the "Alert Volume" in sound preferences it resets to zero when I close preferences and I get no alert/system/windows sounds.

Sound works fine in apps and I can even play the system sounds in the preferences app when I turn the alert volume up... but as soon as I close the window the volume resets to zero.

Any ideas?

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Re: Alert sounds volume resets to zero

Post by Caltrop »

same problem here
set alert to 100%, close app, open app and it is ZERO again

then there is the main volume issue I mentioned some time ago
set to 100%, then next time app is opened it is 75%

mint sound preferences do not match with alsa mixer

here it is at 0
the main volume slider is 100% at the 75% slide, strange...
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Re: Alert sounds volume resets to zero

Post by MrEen »

I assume this will work, but on Xfce I don't have the options you two are referring to, so I can't test.

Install and run pavucontrol. It should open to the Output Devices tab. Two tabs to the left is the Playback tab. There, set the volume for System Sounds. Mine defaulted to 0%, but upon changing it, the new setting sticks (don't yet know if it'll survive a reboot.)

Hope that helps.

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