How to run FIREFOX without pulseaudio, by using "apulse"

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How to run FIREFOX without pulseaudio, by using "apulse"

Postby Flemur » Wed Nov 22, 2017 5:36 pm

I really hate pulseaudio, and firefox > v50 or v52 "requires" it.

There are two work-arounds:
- compile firefox with certain options which might not work later ... this is a major PITA.

- install "apulse"
1 - download the zip file, extract it into "apulse-master"
2 - cd apulse-master
3 - NOTE: the first step below (from the website) is WRONG. It won't work!

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mkdir build && cd build (NO! DON'T DO THIS STEP!)
sudo make install

I needed to install :
libglib2.0-dev, which the makefile calls "glib2.0"
libasound2-dev, which the makefile calls "alsa"

In firefox:

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about:config -> security.sandbox.content.write_path_whitelist = /dev/snd/

(with trailing "/"; comma separated if there were already values).

Uninstall or disable pulseaudio, and reboot.

Run firefox like this:

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apulse firefox
Mint 18.3 Xfce/fluxbox/pulse-less
Xubuntu 17.10/fluxbox/pulse-less
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