Rhythmbox - 2 Versions of the Same Album

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Rhythmbox - 2 Versions of the Same Album

Post by ytene » Fri Dec 22, 2017 1:18 pm

Before I begin, an acknowledgement: Yes, I am totally aware of the absurdity of this question - it is without doubt a "first world problem" and not something I expect anyone to spend any serious time over. On the other hand, if there is someone out there who has seen a similar challenge and figured an elegant solution, I'd be very grateful for details...

For a variety of reasons, my default source of digital audio is my iTunes library, which is conveniently stored on a NAS box that affords generic access to any of my network-connected devices at home. In order to enjoy any of this music on my Linux builds, I simply "point" Rhythmbox at the relevant directory on the NAS, let it do a complete import, and all is good with the world.

Except I also have a small number of albums which I've purchased in much higher audio resolution [192KHz/96-bit studio masters] and which sound remarkably good on my specialist pocket music player [Fiio X5].

Here's the challenge... I'd like to be able to access this super-hi-def music via Rhythmbox too... I have a little fanless system with a remarkably good Realtek audio chipset and an S/PDIF optical connection to a remarkably musical set of Logitech speakers, so it seems like a no-brainer. Except that when I first tried to import the HD versions of these albums, I ended up with the content interleaved with the original, CD-derived AC4 files generated by iTunes. Obviously this was due to the "MP3" meta-info dropped into the files when they were made [I purchase all of my HD media from "hdtracks.co.uk"

Now, I have accessed these music files using puddletag, located and corrected the "Album" field and.... it makes absolutely no difference when I try to import in to Rhythmbox. [ I've also changed folder names, just in case it was something this trivial - again, no joy]. So I'm currently scratching my head wondering why Rhythmbox would "see" the meta-data in these files as saying, i.e. "Norah Jones" / "Come Away With Me", when the meta-data and the folder structure very clearly mark the Album as "Come Away With Me HD" ...

Could this be something as simple as basic copy-protection on the files? Could it be anything else? Puddletag doesn't seem to recognise any unusual or unexpected tags in the files [or if it does, it gives out no clues].

On the other hand, all I'm really trying to do here is have the ability to hold both "original" and "HD" versions of the same album without the presentation getting all mixed up... I'd be very interested to know - and very grateful for guidance - if anyone can suggest why I see these results.

[ And the obvious answer here is: just play the HD content via a different form of music player...] Which might have to be "Plan B"

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