Two xfce 18.3 dual boot - media players crash opening video

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Two xfce 18.3 dual boot - media players crash opening video

Post by Peterjack » Thu Apr 26, 2018 6:57 pm

Hi all- updating this with a bit of new info:
(1) I verified again that all codecs are installed with Software Manager
(2) I discovered both units will play music files- at least mp3 files- without a problem using the native media player

I am a relative newbie, but having set up three dual boot systems not completely and I am happy to follow directions, including terminal use.

One- the older processor- is an early Celeron XP laptop, the other a mid range XP desktop used for a home file and print server. Both are at max ram with 2 GB and 3 GB respectively.

The units with 32 bit xfce do play movies in XP, and VLC works on both also in Mint. However, the default player which I'd rather use crashes without error messaging trying to open any video file just after attempting to to fully open the video window whether I use "open with" or launch the player first and then "open file". File type does not matter- mp4, webm, avi, etc.

Ideas are welcome please! Thanks, Pete

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