Default Volume not yet takes app into account

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Default Volume not yet takes app into account

Post by splashmirror » Wed May 30, 2018 3:04 am

when playing a playlist e.g. VLC and switch to next item,
the current audio-output-channel is closed and a new one is opened)
the volume it uses isnt dependant/affected by
context :
  • app name
  • app PID/instance
  • app title contents
  • window
but instead it is global,
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steps to reproduce:
1. play audio on playlist VLC-instance-1
2. open a 2nd audio-app and set it to a different volume
~ global volume changes to that of 2nd-app's
3. on VLC-instance-1 increment it to next audio file
4. VLC-instance-1 adopts the 2nd-app's volume

this is sometimes painfully jarring :shock: when simultaneously playing media with different volumes
e.g. even web-browsers sometimes output volume and require adjustments...

is this related to pulseaudio? using a global default volume
and not rmembering whtehr user selected to use choose app-specific-setting instead of a glocal default

Hoser Rob
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Re: Default Volume not yet takes app into account

Post by Hoser Rob » Thu May 31, 2018 9:10 am

Is there a global volume setting in VLC? I rarely use VLC but smplayer has that.

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