Sound working, Mic detected - no sound

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Re: Sound working, Mic detected - no sound

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MrEen wrote:
Fri Aug 03, 2018 6:44 am
MrEen wrote:
Thu Aug 02, 2018 2:30 pm
If nothing else, you might find one day it suddenly starts working (hopefully soon.) That has happened to quite a few people.
I'm just glad it's working.
sorry to necro this thread again, but i just found out something interesting.

AN-VC300 is a smart tv HD webcam (expensive brand, told it would only work with the tv (liquidation price) it was designed for. i said but its usb, took a chance $19, turns out its full HD stereo, looks awesome) i have that working on pc thru USB . it has stereo microphone built in.
here is the strange thing. it was never plugged in at any stage while using linuxmint. it was however plugged in and installed as a webcam in windows 10.
which I dual booted of a SDD before i formatted it.

so somehow windows created a device and linuxmint found it. even though it was never plugged in.

so strange. and to also mention. it doesnt solve the issue of why it works for initial installation, then when update packages or kernel. it stops working.
and AN-VC300 mentioned.. wow i only just found out what that was cause i have to do a skype call with my doctor and installed skype so took it out of drawer and plugged it in. then seen the device was like hey thats familiar.

so. what next. i really want to migrate from windoze to linux fulltime but having no mic working. tried 2 headsets now.
one of them has a usb adapter perhaps i should try that . 3.5mm into usb into mb..
also i might try and install linux mint again with the ANVC300 plugged in and present. and go from there...

interesting development aye.

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