mint 7 update breaks audio streaming - resolved somewhat

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mint 7 update breaks audio streaming - resolved somewhat

Postby lduvall » Fri Jul 17, 2009 9:55 am

Running Mint 7 - and I listen to several online radio streams. The latest update broke the audio streaming. I normally use Firefox, but also run Galeon and Epiphany and streaming is broke for all three . After trying a variety of things, including searching the forums and google, I reinstalled - formatting / but leaving /home untouched.

Streaming audio worked once again. I did the update, and it is once again broken. I start Firefox in safe-mode and it is still broken. --> Rhythmbox plays just fine, it is the streaming audio that doesn't work <-- checked 3 different stations that use different streaming methods and none of them work (they do work on a different machine, so it is a Mint-specific issue).

Any ideas?
************************************************************** update

I really dislike the startup "ding ding ding", and I had discovered a while ago that if I go into admin, Login Window Preferences and set both Login Screen Ready and Login Successful to "card_shuffle.wav" it did away with the annoying startup sounds. I have also discovered that this is what kills the sounds for audio streaming - I was doing it immediately after installation. Under Ubuntu 8.04 (on my laptop) and 9.04 on my flashdrive this gives two card shuffles when I log in, and everything continues to work. Under Gloria it gives two card shuffles, and kills the streaming. If I don't set Login Successful to the "card_shuffle.wav" the sounds works under Gloria. If I set it the streaming dies - a very replicable result, at least for me. The update had nothing to do with it.

So I resolved the streaming issue, but now have to find a working alternative way to kill the annoying "ding ding ding"!
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Re: mint 7 update breaks audio streaming

Postby Husse » Sat Jul 18, 2009 6:26 am

Streaming radio works for me - fully updated
Can you check the mintUpdate log (in View) for sound updates
I have a bunch of updates today for pulse audio but apart from that I don't see any audio updates
If you find an update you can then open Synaptic and use the option "Force Version" in the "Package" menu to get the previous version
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