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(solved) No sound on new computer

Posted: Sun Mar 22, 2020 10:05 pm
by CuriousMeow
I was checking online for a solution for a bad sound problem (solved, happened to be a matter of...speakers cord that had inadvertently been half unplugged :oops: ). However, while checking, I've stumbled on a lot of topics about "No sound on new computer", and I had the same issue at first too, which was quickly solved for me. The issue here seemed to be linked to graphic card AMD Radeon RX 580. I've seen lots of topics about it, and people being told to install proprietary drivers or try code or install stuff, but I've not seen any topic answered with what worked for my computer, so I'm putting it here, in case someone would need it :

For my computer : there is no sound when plugging the green plug from the speaker in the computer, but there is sound when using a usb only device (speaker/headphone). The quick fix is to use a usb adapter/sound card : plug the green plug from the speaker in the adapter/sound card and then plug the usb plug of the adapter in the computer. Worked fine for me. No headache with drivers, no need to install stuff. If you have no sound, try something like this before, might work.

Hope it helps.