Kodi on LM 19.3 Cinnamon

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Kodi on LM 19.3 Cinnamon

Post by Chrisblobster »

Hi all, I installed the default kodi 17.6 from universe repo, but I cannot see any visualizations or screensavers listed in the player settings. This is despite installing all available screensavers and visualizations via Synaptic. I then completely removed kodi 17.6, and installed kodi 18.6 from the team-xbmc ppa - again nothing listed in the player settings.

Any clues as to why kodi cannot list screensavers or visualizations them despite them being installed?

Best regards, Chris, NZ
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Re: Kodi on LM 19.3 Cinnamon

Post by oldgranola »

I've had various problems with Kodi in LM19.x cinnamon including 19.3. I've been told its a python3 encryption thing whereas folks using latest ubuntu gnome seem to be ok. I resorted to installing the flatpack 18.5 version from flathub which comes with all its own dependencies and the correct xbmc kodi 18.5. LM supports flatpacks out of the box which is nifty. Kodi is working great for me this way. The directories are a little different though so get used to that. good luck
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