Sound/audio control source priority

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Sound/audio control source priority

Post by MaxG »

I am on LM 20; works like a charm :)

I have a post-boot application order: Nemo, Thunderbird, VLC, browser...

So far my keyboard audio control paused VLC when I pressed pause. However, today, when I opened the browser before VLC, the audio control pauses | continues with whatever Youtube is in a window.

I was looking for audio priority and similar, to tell the audio control to react to VLC and no anything else.
IS there some setting I am missing... or do I have to close the browser and see, whether the order of opening the application determines the audio control preference/priority?
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Re: Sound/audio control source priority

Post by MrEen »

Hi MaxG,

I would assume the pause/play will operate on whatever the active window is. If it's working on the browser, and you want it working on VLC, try Alt+Tab to get VLC up front, then see if the play/pause works as you want.
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