flash issues with Mint [SOLVED]

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Re: flash issues with Mint

Post by rich_roast » Sun Jan 03, 2010 3:12 am

dsimpson wrote:Hi everyone,
[...] a Belkin-N and when I contacted my satellite provider they said that some Belkin routers had problems with the way they handled the information packets, and suggested that I try bypassing the router. That seemed to work so I thought I would try my older router, a Belkin54G and when I plugged that in everything worked fine again. It has taken a long time to resolve this, mainly because of my lack of knowledge but also because I worked at it very systematically and slowly to make sure that I understood what I was changing and how it was all working. Anyway, I finally have a working system, and thanks to all again. :D Duane :D
Good going!

Thanks for the heads up regarding possible problems with Belkin-N, I have a 54G myself which I've been quite happy with and was planning an upgrade and, while I don't have a satellite connection, so might not be affected, I might still think again and research what others have had to say about it. This sort of information is good to share, thank you.

Also, I think that's the right way of going about debugging, as much patience as it might require. A lot of the time people want a quick, direct fix without necessarily understanding what it is they are changing or what other parts of their system they might be affecting. It is better to be systematic, rule out possible causes in a logical manner and learn about your system while you do, in the long run.


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