Sound playback problem in Mint 8 Helena

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Sound playback problem in Mint 8 Helena

Postby fantan » Sat Feb 06, 2010 3:35 am

Hi for All!

I wrote this report soon 2-th time.
I did a clean install of Linux Mint 8 Helena on my computer after the new version came out. After clean installation in the new system I got a lot of problems accoring sound playback.
My configuration is as follows:
- motherboard: Asus with nVidia chipset
- processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.20GHz, 3199.901 MHz
- memory: 1 GB/666 Mhz
Maxtor 6L080LO 80 GB
- Graphic video card: GeForce 7300 GS
- Sound card: CMI8738

On my computer I have four partitions.
On 1. of them installed Linux Mint 7 Gloria (9.04) Hungarian
On 2. of them installed Linux Mint 7 Gloria (9.04) Russian
On 3. of them installed Kiwi Linux 9.04 with LXDE desktop
All three systems used the same hardware and they are working wery well, without any problem, especially according to sound and video possibilities.

I made a clean install of the new version (Mint 8 Helena) on the 4. partition. Of course before installation I checked the md5sum of downloaded ISO file, checked the burned CD two times. The burned CD is without any defects and errors.
The istallation and the boot process went without problems.

The problems begin when I try to playback an mp3 or ogg file with Rhytmbox, Totem, mplayer, Amarok, qmmp, etc.
The playback starts well, but abruptly the sound gets stumble in one's play, cracks, and at the same time the processor load gets 100%, the playback progress bar in the rhythmbox or totem or amarok or mplayer or qmmp etc. goes to its end quickly. After some time the sound stops or the player totally freezes.
This situation happens again by playback all music files independently which program runs: audacious, qmmp, moc, exaile, amarok, mplayer, vlc, mpg123, mpg321, music123, etc.
I tried a lot of setup variations in multimedia system setup: Pulseaudio, Alsa, OSS, the result is the same. I uninstalled the pulseaudio totally, but theese problems are abiding.

I can't understand, why theese problems aren't present in my other systems on the same hardware and at the same time they are present in the Mint 8 Helena.
I don't know at all, how to resolve theese problems, because of that I need all the help from you.
Please help me solve theese problems but without solving this playback problems the new Helena is totally useless for me.

Thanks in advance!


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Re: Sound playback problem in Mint 8 Helena

Postby remoulder » Sun Feb 07, 2010 9:35 am

Are you sharing a single home partition for these distros or do they each have their own? By uninstalling the sound system you have probably necessitated a re-install of Helena.
[Edit] your original post and add [SOLVED] once your question is resolved.

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Re: Sound playback problem in Mint 8 Helena

Postby fantan » Sun Feb 07, 2010 5:40 pm


All distributions on my desktop computer have installed on own independent partition and on the own partition own independent home directory. But all multimedia files found on other partition and all systems use this "Multimedia" partition.
All systems installed on ext4 file system, but "Multimedia" partition formatted as ext3.



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