2ManDVD, ManDVD & Mint 9, Mint 11

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2ManDVD, ManDVD & Mint 9, Mint 11

Post by BaltimoreBoy »

I have been running Mint 9 and using ManDVD with great success.

This week I added a new piece of hardware and found it expedient to move to Mint 11 to support that hardware.

Unfortunately, ManDVD doesn't seem to exist in the repositories for Mint 11.

Poking around a little I found that 2ManDVD is advertised as the successor to ManDVD. I have installed 2ManDVD, but am getting dependency warnings from the package.

For the time being, I can boot back to my Mint 9 system and do my DVD work there.

Question 1: Is there a way to finagle an install of ManDVD into Mint 11?

Question 2: What might I try with 2ManDVD - delete and reinstall perhaps?

BTW I am playing with DeVeDe as well and have gotten at least one ISO image out of it- though I don't know if it works yet.

I really wish I could just have ManDVD again - it did what I wanted with little muss and fuss.
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Re: 2ManDVD, ManDVD & Mint 9, Mint 11

Post by rob2uk »

I just installed this program to see if I would have any issues. On starting for the first time, it warned me: "dependency missing: exif"

I ran 'sudo apt-get install exif' in a terminal, and have had no other errors since.
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Re: 2ManDVD, ManDVD & Mint 9, Mint 11

Post by rich2005 »

LM11 installed in an old Tosh M1 laptop (testbed).

Q1 - ManDVD

Always liked ManDVD (although I do use DVDLab for all my authoring). It was/is a bit buggy and cranky but at least you can make a half decent menu with reasonable buttons.

Decided to give it a try and these were first couple of debs I came across,

http://mirror.umoss.org/ubuntu/pool/mul ... /m/mandvd/

got the 2.6 version

checked dependencies most probably already there

· DVD Slideshow >= 0.7.5 :this pulls most of the list
· mencoder
· mplayer
· xine > 0.99.4 :installed xine-ui rather than check the libxine stuff
· lame >= 3.97
· dvdauthor >= 0.6.11
· mjpegtools >= 1.8.0
· netpbm >= 10.29
· transcode >= 1.0.2
· dvd+rw-tools >= 5.21.4

one not on the list but required


Installs ok and a quick test to make a slideshow, then add the resulting vob into a video was ok.
Makes the usual video_ts folder for burning.

DeVeDe - I have great respect for DeVeDe, providing you want the very limited menu it provides.
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