Building a DIY Linux Mint Barebook?

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Building a DIY Linux Mint Barebook?

Post by Gualicho32 » Thu Jul 19, 2018 11:43 am

This is a project I've never taken up before, and with the whole "digital lock" thing on OEM Windows PCs (haven't kept up with the news on that), I'm leaning on just building my own laptop from scratch instead. Is there anything I should know before I start on it? Any little caveats about hardware compatibility/Linux Support? It looks like there may not be a choice on CPUs (Intel only)?

Which is better - Clevo or Eluktroniks?

Optional Components:

Nvidia or ATI?

Linux friendly Motherboard brands/types?

Best optical drives?

Best SSD brands?

Wi-Fi cards? (I know to avoid Broadcom)


The reason I'm asking these questions about specific components, is because I know from my own little bit of experience in converting Windows PCs to Linux in the late 2000s, that some makes were more finicky with things like proprietary drivers than others. For example, Dells were generally more temperamental than most of the other "Linux Friendly" hardware makes, while HPs and Gateways were generally more pleasant to work with (at least in my own experience). It might've been different for other people. Any helpful advice or insight on this topic would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Re: Building a DIY Linux Mint Barebook?

Post by Mattyboy » Thu Jul 19, 2018 11:54 am

Intel cpu..Nividia gpu's.... never had any issues with TP-link network cards.

Make sure any components have been on the market for at least 6 months... tell the vendor what you intend to do with the components IE run Linux... its then their 'fault' for any 'problems' and you have grounds for a replacement/refund.

Maybe less headaches if you go to system76 or Purism for Linux laptops.

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