Mac: Black Screen After Suspending

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Mac: Black Screen After Suspending

Post by digipunk »

Dear fellow users,

I've got two computers running Mint 20.2: an iMac 18,3 (Cinnamon) and a MacBook Pro 5,1 (XFCE). Whenever either machine is suspended, or even if its screen goes blank, as configured in System Settings, the screen won't turn back on until the computer is rebooted. The desktop is equipped with a Radeon Pro, whereas the laptop has two mobile Nvidias (have tried both Nouveau and native drivers). Has anyone dealt with a similar issue here?
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Re: Black Screen After Suspending

Post by SMG »

I suggest doing some searches on the forum for MacBook or iMac as this is a common issue on that hardware. I would also suggest editing the title of your first post to indicate the hardware so it will catch the eyes of those with Apple hardware experience with Mint.

This is not the same year, MacBook Pro 2009 Blank on wake must hard reboot every time, but has some tips from another thread.
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