Can't connect IBM T61- Huawei EC321 PCMCIA for CDMA network

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Can't connect IBM T61- Huawei EC321 PCMCIA for CDMA network

Postby coolrat45 » Wed Mar 05, 2008 10:01 pm


I just got an IBM T61 and a Huawei EC321 PCMCIA CDMA network data card so that I can connect to the internet.
I'm running a dual boot system with XP.
My Linux is Linux MINT KDE Community edition.

The problem: it doesn't work.
I have no idea why.

Many links on the internet discuss this card and say it usually works 'out of the box'. Just plug it in and it works. ... linux.html ... 00011.html

But my experience has not been good. Im not even sure how to open the connection.
I tried configuring KPPP, but it will never connect.

I configured it like this:

Dial Tab:
Connection Name: Huawei
Phone number: #777
Authentication: PAP/CHAP
Callback type: none

Modem name: Huawei
Modem device: /dev/tty/USB0
Hardware: Hardware (CRTSCTS)
Line termination: CR
Connection speed: 921600
Modem timeout: 60 sec

The Log-in Script Debug window displays:
CONNECT 230400

I wait a few minutes then an error message (and that annoying GONG-sound) announces: "Time expired for the KPPP device to come up"

When I increased the modem connection speed to 140 sec, I got this error:

The PPPD Daemon died unexpectedly
Exit status 16
See 'map PPPD' for an explanation of the error

Can someone PLEASE help me to get this card working?
I'm sure there is a very easy set of TERMINAL commands that will fix all this. I suspect that the instructions at ... linux.html
are quite good.. I just don't know how to follow them. Not clear enough for me- I'm too new to this. I tried following those instructions, but it constantly failed. Perhaps because I'm using KDE and those instructions were designed for GNOME system? :?

I'd greatly appreciate help on this! :D

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Re: Can't connect IBM T61- Huawei EC321 PCMCIA for CDMA network

Postby Husse » Sat Mar 08, 2008 4:51 pm

Maybe the info in the link you followed was to old... it was from 2006
I've found a topic that may help you
In post #9 he writes
If it is Huawei EC321 you don't need any driver. Just follow the instructions on this thread.

This guy (kagashe) has written extensively about this subject in the Ubuntu forums
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