make a 400 gig hard drive fat 32

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make a 400 gig hard drive fat 32

Postby leo5111 » Thu Mar 13, 2008 6:41 pm

can linux do it?? if so how my xbox 360 it will only see fat 32 if so i have to make it fat 32


Re: make a 400 gig hard drive fat 32

Postby Guest » Fri Mar 14, 2008 5:58 am

MacroMoney makes the xbox. That explains why it only works on their obsolete fat32. I will assume it has a 32bit processor and not a 64bit. I can't find much tech info on the web site. The web site says works with any XP based PC that would be 32bit. My manufacturing sense tells me Christmas 2010 they will release a 64 bit version and it will let me guess here out on a limb be compatible with any Vista based PC.
Dang I looked at all the support on the website and see nothing. Ah here is something Industrial design wraps powerful technology, "Sadam Husain" did try to build a supper computer out of them, in a plastic exterior oh wait it says sophisticated exterior.
It has been a long time since I worked with Windows 98. You might try hooking it up as a slave and formatting it with XP or partitioning it can the xbox see different partitions. Didn't Fat32 have a 146gb limit that would explain why the largest HDD they use is 120GB.
Can anyone explain why the ELite version of the xbox comes standard with more components and better stuff than the regular model. WOW MacroMoney makes the less is more saying true.
Does the xbox have a usb that might work better for you.
This is what happens when you buy from MacroMoney. I would wait for a 64bit version to come out.
If your xbox is 64 bit I would start a class action law suit against them. Fat32 has a size limit for HDD and all xbox's will be obsolete in a few years oh that puts us back at Christmas 2010 HMMMMM.

MS is known for that Windows 95 16bit obsolete after Win 98 32bit release WIN 98 obsolete after WIN 98SE release (ok this on lasted had to though) ME obsolete 1 year WIN 2000pro this on actuall lasted 10 years and s now going bye bye WIN XP soon to be dos equis (3X, 9X, XX)
This is why we Use Linux MacroMonopoply has there obsolete plan down pat.

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Re: make a 400 gig hard drive fat 32

Postby stevenofnine » Fri Mar 14, 2008 3:05 pm

Rather than post a slag-off, try actually having some knowledge.

Yes, you can use GParted, or other formatting tools, to make your HDD FAT32.

I used a 200GB external drive as a data holder for torrents, that both Linux and Windows machines could read, before ntfs-3g allowed feading of NTFS systems. Worked perfectly.

Remember, you will have a 4GB file limit, per file.

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