Shutdown = Restart (ie.. Mint 14 will not shut down)

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Re: Shutdown = Restart (ie.. Mint 14 will not shut down)

Postby Paul0320 » Sat Mar 30, 2013 1:59 pm

well thanks for that info Chadmiller, didn't realize LTS would let this pass. Does no one shutdown there PC in testing, surprised a bug like this gets passed. I never heard of a bug like this before.

While i didn't get to test my little experiment yesterday. Further reading into it, i don't it would have worked anyhow. ... es/1056248 - Customizing the Linux bootup and shutdown processes

The /etc/shutdown.allow file is a text file that contains one username per line. Each user named in this file is allowed to use the shutdown command.

The way i'm reading this, my experiment will not do anything, it will simply tell Mint i have persimmon to "shutdown". And will simply do it's Restart instead. I do not believe this is the file to fix this.

In scientists link, the "sudo shutdown -P now" Should work. The second suggestion i may try as well. Anyone trying this, make a backup of grub file before editing. Or comment out old with #
than make the change.

Somewhere in a text file is a single Letter doing this, from -r when it shoulda been -P

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Re: Shutdown = Restart (ie.. Mint 14 will not shut down)

Postby wrlight66 » Sun Jul 13, 2014 12:08 pm

Mint 16 32-bit: I just installed Linux for the first time. The process didn't go too smoothly since I use dial-up access to the Internet, but after several false starts, I managed to get both operating system and repositories ( cd's) loaded with an isp connection through Gnome-PPP. That was when I first noticed the self-rebooting issue you cited. However, I have some additional information in case anyone is still working this. I have noticed, as you did, the the auto-boot does not happen if I log on to Windows 7 (loaded on its own hard drive). Also, I get normal shutdown, if I detach my US Robotics 56K modem from its usb port before quitting unless, and here is the new twist, I leave an HP SCANJET 3970 (also usb) connected. In other words, if one or the other or both of these usb devices is connected -- restart. I checked to see if my HP Deskjet 3740 (usb) has the same effect and found that it does not as long as the other two are detached. I am not sure how the scanner is related to the modem, but the scanner and modem can be used to send a fax, so there is a communications angle there. The modem itself doesn't come to life on its own after the restart -- I have to physically launch Gnome-PPP and hit connect -- so it is not like something is telling the operating system it needs to dial up the isp. I dislike Microsoft so much after what they did to XP that this self-booting hasn't discouraged me yet. It would be nice, however, not to have to pull two usb cables in order to shut down.

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