How can I manage my printer?

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How can I manage my printer?

Post by sonnet » Wed Dec 05, 2012 5:56 pm

I have installed Mint 14 64 bit (Cinnamon version).
I have a Canon MG8150 multifunction inkjet and thus I installed the appropriate drivers.
The drivers seems to have installed properly.
The scan seems to work, and the scan utility the applications/graphic menu' gives me options (ike dpi quality) to manage the scanner.

For the printer, I clicked on the printer wizard in preferences: the printer has been recognized and added, but under options with the same tools, I have no option to manage the printer.
Is there any software already installed or that I should install to manage options like colors/bw ,quality and so on?

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Re: How can I manage my printer?

Post by DrHu » Wed Dec 05, 2012 8:53 pm

OK, how about some info, what is your printer management software, is it a canon program or is it the standard CUPS control program
--which can manage a printer easily via its web interface localhost:631 (127,0.0.1:631)
631 is the CUPS port number to connect to its web program.. ... ui/5031720
  • GNOME CUPS Manager
    The GNOME CUPS Manager can add new CUPS printers and manage CUPS printers and queues. There are other third-party applications to manage printing, for example GtkLP and its associate tool GtkLPQ, or GtkPSproc
--that's probably what you are using Gnome printer wizard, it is not as complete as CUPS own web interface
  • There is no problem using Cups and the Gnome printer wizard together, if you need some additional selections
    --just don't turn off features you are already using, such as your scanner controls..
More compete cups info, if interested..

GtkLP interface style.. ... inux/GtkLP
--not any nicer looking as CUPS own web page, and you don't want to add too many control programs trying to manage one system/device (printer..): it could get messy or confusing..

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