Dell inspiron n5010 battery not charging?

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Dell inspiron n5010 battery not charging?

Post by ashbekah »

Hello all,

I recently purchased a dell inspiron n5010 used, from a computer store. When I bought it (about two weeks ago) a full charge on the battery was 45 minutes. I had to take it back to the store to get the linux mint 13 put back on it, because I messed up some configuration files. Anyway, when I got it back, the battery now no longer holds a charge and does not charge when pulled in. I have done everything forums have said (1) take it out, drain the battery, put it back in, start it up, 2) take it out and then put it back in, 3) turn off computer and let it charge for awhile, undisturbed and then turn it back on, etc etc.) Also I've taken the battery out and ran it on just the adapter and it ran fine. So it's definitely not the adapter. By the way, it can detect when the battery is in the computer and also when it is not. But nothing seems to work. Is there a way I can reset the battery or something? And yes, granted the battery was only good for 45 minutes before, but now it does not charge at all! Any ideas? I have posted this both on the linux forums and the dell forums just in case someone has an idea.

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Re: Dell inspiron n5010 battery not charging?

Post by telcnas »

Well I don't think this issue is related to linux mint 13...........Ok try to do following things.....

1.First try to find out that in your BIOS is there any option to disable charging....because my bios does have this feature......
2.Secondly try live boot cd of any linux distro to find the condition of your laptop battery or its behaviour.....if you get the same behaviour then it's assured that this has nothing to do with linux mint 13....

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