Logitech USB Headset with ALSA only

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Logitech USB Headset with ALSA only

Postby mfreeman » Thu Feb 14, 2013 3:54 pm

A little backstory: I've removed pulseaudio completely because it was causing utter audio chaos when doing anything with wine (stuttering, non-sync'd, sound playing way too slow or way to fast, etc.). Removing pulseaudio made wine sound work perfectly.

However, now my Logitech USB headset (ClearChat Pro, device ID 046d:0a0b), which worked fine with pulseaudio, isn't working. I can select it with gnome-alsamixer, but turning up the "Speaker" volume doesn't do anything (there is only "Speaker" and "Mic" available). Turning up "Mic" volume does route the mic input through the headset so that I can hear my own voice and ambient room sounds through the headset, but still no audio from the computer. Using the headset's built-in volume buttons controls the computer's speaker volume instead of the headset's volume.

Any ideas? I struggled with this several years ago, and had a solution, but can't find it anymore. In newer LM installs, the headphones just worked with pulseaudio. But I want both wine audio AND my headphones to work. I will not accept having only one or the other working properly. There HAS to be a solution to this that doesn't compromise either.

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Re: Logitech USB Headset with ALSA only

Postby rolstra » Sat Jul 27, 2013 3:23 am

I have the same issue on LinuxMint 13 (XFCE, 32Bit) with my HAMA Headset. It is detected by the OS; but there's no chance to hear anything.
As far as a am new to Linux (Mint) I question myself: Is there the possibilty to install additional drivers?
Thanks for any suggestion!
-- Roland.

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Re: Logitech USB Headset with ALSA only

Postby pdc_2 » Sat Jul 27, 2013 4:37 am

so it has nothing to do with selecting output device ?

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