2 Video Card and 2 Monitor issues

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2 Video Card and 2 Monitor issues

Postby UncreativeName » Thu Mar 28, 2013 1:02 pm

I just spent the night configuring my LinuxMint 14 to have both nVidia graphics cards running and all three monitors simultaneously through the nvidia-settings panel and rewriting my xorg.conf file. That said, I am now having some issues with how things are playing out. For one my two main monitors (both plugged into a GTX 460) are streched so that when i fullscreen a program it streches across both monitors, as well as the panel being streched across both monitors as well. The 3rd monitor is on a seperate card (a 8800gt) and seems to be working with no issues.
Now I have the two main monitors on twin view, but only because when i switch to 'Seperate X Screen' and log in and out, my mouse gets locked in the "3rd" monitor and someines the "2nd" monitor just turns off and creates a real disaster.
My question is, how can I have it so each monitor is its own seperate entity and i can fullscreen on each monitor while only having the panel and such be on my primary display?

As a side note, my panel and gnome shell it seems has reverted to what looks like a messed up version of XFCE for some reason. I'm assuming xinorama is responsible for this. Is there a solution to restore it back to its former glory or am I out of luck? Also if gnome3 is out of the question can I throw KDE on and have that work?

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Re: 2 Video Card and 2 Monitor issues

Postby manu311 » Wed Apr 03, 2013 4:10 am

I haven't tried this on mint, nor am I using a "common" desktop environment (openbox).
But I think since no1 answers you I will tell you what I know since I tried the same (more or less):

Short Version:
Currently 3 monitors is horrible, I've dropped one and plugged it into a second computer which is displaying data from my primary computer (fetched via my own programs).

Long Version:
Nvidia-Twinview doesn't realy support more then 2 monitors, since they have to be on the same card. So while nvidia is able to simulate to individual full-screens while only having 2 monitors, this feature isn't working with multiple xservers at the same time (maybe it would work if you try 4 monitors with all the same resolution - 2 monitors at each card!).
So next bad thing if you use multiple xservers I've realised some programs are extremly slowing down, I got pretty good hardware but if I'm running 3 monitors (at least 2 xservers) the second xserver is not able to use opengl AND the primary can't even display games which are 15 years old.

If you're only using non-graphical software you should try opensource drivers, I haven't tested those, but I guess they will have better results for working environments - thought if you like to play games or fine desktop effects that won't be a good choice for you.
There are also some desktop environments (I think E17 had something like that) which are able to divide one (huge) xserver into multiple smaller screens - so fullscreen will target at a part of the real fullscreen.
But this will most likely fail for everything not using the desktop environment (like usually fullscreen-applications). To fix this you may switch inside your fullscreen-application to a single-monitor-resolution while adding that one to your xorg.conf so 2 monitors will shut down while you're using the 3rd in fullscreen.

I'm telling you this out of my memory since 1st I'm not at home and 2nd I've dropped that 3rd monitor for around a year now.
At home I'm using a beamer at my 2nd card and I switch completly (disable 1st card) if I like to watch something at it (I'm not using it as a computer, just for movies).

One last thing said: I'm pretty sure wayland will fix those problems, or/and nvidia will at some point.

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