Right click with stylus

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Mars Thrax

Right click with stylus

Postby Mars Thrax » Sat Jun 28, 2008 12:49 pm

I am running Elyssa on my Toshiba Portege M700, and have just set up stylus/touchscreen support. I'm having a few issues in getting Elyssa to respond to the stylus the same was as Hardy did.

In Hardy, a left click was registered by touching the screen with the stylus, and a right click was registered by holding down the stylus button while pressing on the screen. In Elyssa, left clicks work fine, but holding down the side button while pressing does not register as a right click. Does anyone have any ideas on how to configure that?

Also, is there a way to register a right click as, say, holding down a left click for an extended period of time? This is mostly because I have an active/passive digitizer, and would like to be able to perform right clicks with my finger as well.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated

Mars Thrax

Re: Right click with stylus

Postby Mars Thrax » Sat Jun 28, 2008 1:42 pm

Another thing that would be nice, if anyone knows how...

Is it possible to require double clicks ith my mouse when activating an icon, but allow for only single clicking with my finger/stylus? If not, is it possible to increase the amount of time required to register a double click (so it is easier to register a double click).?

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