BIOS: AMD C&Q and ACPI support

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BIOS: AMD C&Q and ACPI support

Post by farmwife »

Does Mint work better if AMD C&Q an ACPI pointers are enabled in BIOS or disabled?
El Zoido
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Re: BIOS: AMD C&Q and ACPI support

Post by El Zoido »

In general I would leave it on.
I'm using MINT on an AMD system and never had major troubles with C&Q and Linux.
While there are a few cases where you would like to turn of C&Q (like overclocking or benchmarking), your system should make less noise and run cooler with it activated.
The only downside I can think of is that you might lose a very small amount of performance, but that is negligible, imho.

I remember some issues with older kernels connected to ACPI on AMD systems, but I think they are resolved.
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