E272 mobile broadband

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E272 mobile broadband

Postby -al- » Fri Jul 04, 2008 4:39 pm

Ok, I was having a lot of trouble getting this device to work initially on Elyssa, and for that matter on ubuntu hardy. After much prating around and searching I have cracked it, but thought I would post my working method to get connected using this device as it may help someone at least and someone may point out some gaping flaw that leaves my system up the proverbial creek and all that.

Usable if you have a vodafone version of this device, might even work on other networks but cant confirm this.

first some preparations, well 1 of them. elyssa and hardy both seem to want to detect the e272 as an airprime device so this needs to be blacklisted

open a terminal and type

'sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist'
add 'blacklist airprime' to the end of the file and save.

Download and install the Drivers and utility program, this thing also tracks your usage as well so is quite handy no need for pen and paper to keep track!!

next step is for some permission editing "/opt/vmc/etc/ppp/peers" you will need to set the persmissions for this folder so that it is accessable by the group 'vmc'. 'vmc' is a group created by the installer to guage who has permissions to run the program. this is easy in elyssa thanks to the wonders of 'open as root' :)

voila insert the modem and start the utility which is handily placed in the internet section of the mint menu select 'huawei' from the device list and enter details for vodafone Im using the following:

username: vodafone uk
password: vodafone uk

APN: internet

leaving all other details as defaults. The username and password seem to be happy as just vodafone, but im picky and want to tell them where i am as well not that they care really!

with all that done all you need to do is press connect and your away, you can set the usage bars to your limit and set a warning level in the preferences.

I should note that if you dont do the first step and blacklist airprime you will have to plug in the device run program, remove device when not detected close program, reinsert device and run program again to get it to initialise plus the utility doesnt correctly track your usage.

if that helps some one out im glad, if not well it will the post will vanish beneath all the new ones soon enough! :P

should also link to this as it is a guide that helped me get started with the device.

EDIT: hmm the usage thing has buggered up, will have to look into that see if i can find out why.

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Re: E272 mobile broadband

Postby Husse » Sat Jul 05, 2008 2:46 pm

There is also this topic
which I think is great
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Re: E272 mobile broadband

Postby semperfi » Mon Jul 14, 2008 11:50 pm

I did try and it was successful but I have an inconsistent performance as sometimes it's just stating "Connected" but I can't go to the net.

On another note, how would you know that you have the 7.2Mbps speed?
and I'm using smartone-vodafone but the screen only showed unknown network

Kindly help (Meantime I'll try other option like mentioned above) & Thanks

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Re: E272 mobile broadband

Postby -al- » Wed Jul 16, 2008 6:52 am

i have noticed the inconsistent performance as well, it seems to be connected to the DNS server not being assigned correctly, so Im experimenting with other DNS addresses to see if that improves connection stability.

As for the connection speed, even though in Windows it will flash up to tell you that your getting 7.2Mbps in reality the max throughput I have seen is around 1.5Mbps - 2Mbps.

On a side note, just noticing that everyones speeds is a whole 1/8th of what many believe it to be, bloody bits(b) and bytes(B)!

ha, when i get into work im gonna do a shed load of line tests and see what BT's systems say!

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