Best Buy Insignia Pilot MP3 Player problem

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Best Buy Insignia Pilot MP3 Player problem

Postby Cyberai » Fri Aug 08, 2008 8:32 am

I have an Insignia Pilot MP3 player that connects as a standard USB drive for transfer of media. Under Fedora Core 9 I had no problems with this device, it appeared as a USB drive when connected and I could drag and drop media to it without fail.

I moved to Mint Elyssa and I'm having problems with it. When I connect the device appears and a window opens. However it disappears again after a few moments. Sometimes it then reappears a minute later. Occasionally when I connect it I get a message that the device cannot be used because the location does not exits. Also - if I delete or add a file from the player it appears to have been deleted or added, but in truth does not.

I know the device is fine. I use it with a Hardy Ubuntu laptop and a WinXP laptop without problems.

I have noticed that the device itself seems to "sleep" it's connection to whatever PC it's hooked to after a few moments of inactivity. On the MP3 Players screen it displays "Syncing Data - do not disconnect" if a transfer is taking place, but a moment or two after it's finished the screen reads "OK to disconnect".

Right now my theory is that the device may not be maintaining an "active" connection via USB, and Mint's USB driver thinks the device is gone when it becomes "idle".

Can anyone help?

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Re: Best Buy Insignia Pilot MP3 Player problem

Postby Husse » Sat Aug 09, 2008 4:47 pm

Your assumption seems reasonable
Which Elyssa
With the device plugged in run lsusb in a terminal and post the result
You could start googling the device number you get - that's what I'm to do :)
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