Lenovo X200 sound randomly disappears

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Lenovo X200 sound randomly disappears

Post by tpprynn »

In Alsamixer my sound chip is listed "Conexant CX20561 (Hermosa)"

I don't think there is any physical fault as it seems some random settings prodding eventually gets sound back. I'm using KDE, 64 bit Mint 16.

Sometimes I'll start up Amarok or audacity or VLC and there is no sound. One time I know I got things working by running a Mint live CD, as if somehow things were reset or the laptop was prodded to life. Weirdly the problem did occur with Windows 8 on two occasions and was solved the same way. There doesn't seem to be much rhyme or reason to why I can get things running properly again - yesterday a live usb of Mint didn't solve it and i'm not sure what did. I usually open Alsamixer and start moving all the dials. There is one setting in there 'Automute' which is currently set to disabled, but wasn't when I looked yesterday. Maybe this is related to the issue, maybe not. I don't know what an automute would do, what it's for.

When the sound goes, it stops working for speaker and headphones. I do hear a crackle when headphones are plugged in though, just as I do when sound is working. The audio hotkeys still work and show the on-screen diagram.

I've bought a cheap and small usb audio gadget which is supposedly Linux-compatible for in case it happens again or if there is after all a physical fault and the chip stops working fully. It really doesn't seem like that though. But if it's software, why does it keep happening?


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Re: Lenovo X200 sound randomly disappears

Post by jungle_boy »

Try to reinstall alsa-utils.
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