Teac CA-200 Card Reader

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Teac CA-200 Card Reader

Post by mandoman »

I recently installed a Teac CA-200 sd card reader to use on my Linux Mint 16 desktop. I did this because I have several cards with a lot of saved info, that I use regularly with my Mint 16 Inspiron laptop. The desktop is as follows:

HDD, Western Digital, 320gb SATA 32bit
Mainboard, ASUS P5KPL-CM socket LGA775 (Intel)
CPU, Intel Dual Core E5800 3200mhz
Memory kit, DDR2, PC2-6400U, 2x2gb (4GB total)
Video Card, PCI-E, Nvidia 8800GTX - 768mb, 86.4gb/s

I followed instructions on-line on how to attach the drive to the MB, because the connection config. seems to be made for a Dell machine. Anyway, I got it installed, and connected, and the computer sees the four available drives on the unit, but that's all the farther I can get. It doesn't detect the info on my sd cards. I also have installed on this machine another HDD, Samsung 250gb, SATA 64-bit Win 7 Home Premium, on which the card reader works.

I guess my question is, how do I go about getting the Linux loaded HDD to mount, and open sd cards with the Teac device? I've Googled like crazy, but have yet to find a relevant answer. Any help is welcome. :)
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Re: Teac CA-200 Card Reader

Post by turtlebay777 »

Bumping b/cause this chap has taken to asking on some of the more generalised Linux sites!
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