Clicking/ticking sound

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Clicking/ticking sound

Postby Ozzell » Wed Apr 23, 2014 3:42 am

I installed Linux Mint 16 Petra (Cinnamon) 64-bit on my SSD-drive yesterday. Today I started hearing a ticking-sound from inside the computer when using it. After a while my screen went black (but the computer was still running) and I had to restart it. The same thing happened again. Now I'm on my Windows 7 (which is located in my HDD-drive). I suspect my SSD, because the sound only comes when I'm on Linux Mint, which is installed on the SSD.

Is there anything I can do? Are there other possible culprits?

Mute Ant
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Re: Clicking/ticking sound

Postby Mute Ant » Tue Apr 29, 2014 2:51 pm

An SSD is not able to make clicking/ticking sounds it's chips soldered to a circuit board. A HDD can make quiet sounds running SMART all on their own, just because they are switched on. CPU and GPU fans can click and might be switched on as the temperature goes up. A hardware fault wouldn't care about the OS; just physics like voltage and temperature. So, from the boot screen of a Mint live-cd (or otherwise), select and run Memtest86+ for an hour, enough time for the silicon and the connectors to warm up. This counts as hard exercise for the core electronics; CPU Northbridge and RAM. Does it pass this test?
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