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External USB Drive

Postby theidiamin » Tue Sep 16, 2008 10:08 pm

I am using Elyssa and am running KDE on a bog standard Elyssa (Gnome Based) system.

For some strange reason my external USB H/D though recognised just cannot be mounted. The system is aware that it's there bur when I try to mount it I get a failure message which say's something like "too many tasks to do" and get nowhere.

It's a new one on me and has not happened using any other system including earlier versions of Mint.

The drive is formatted with NTFS and is currently working correctly under MS. I have run the appropriate software in order to read ntfs partitions and all my applicable partitions on my fixed drive's are reading, (And writing) fine.

If anyone has had a similar experience I'd appreciate any light in my current darkness.

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Re: External USB Drive

Postby Fred » Wed Sep 17, 2008 1:24 am

theidiamin wrote:
I get a failure message which say's something like "too many tasks to do" and get nowhere.

I admit, I haven't seen that message before when trying to mount. :-)

The first question I would ask is where/how did you get KDE to load onto Mint 5 Gnome? Mint doesn't have a meta package for KDE that can be loaded onto the main addition.

If you used the (K)Ubuntu meta package, I am surprised you don't have other problems as well. To start with, Mint was forked from Ubuntu. Mint 5 Gnome and Ubuntu 8.04 Gnome are not the same, even though they share the majority of the Ubuntu repos. The Ubuntu KDE meta package is not particularly compatible with Mint.

If this is what you have done and you wish to have a stable system, I strongly suggest you install the Mint 5 KDE CE iso. Your system could completely break with the next update. Of course if you enjoy/don't mind trouble shooting and fixing the system when it breaks... :-)


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