no sound with a audigy 2 zs

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no sound with a audigy 2 zs

Postby vandread » Mon Oct 06, 2008 10:22 am

i have a audigy 2 zs soundcard in my pc,
mint found that card an on the alsamixer it is the default card and even if i go to "system / preferences / sound" there is the audigy and all settings are set on alsa...
and nothing is muted too...

but there is no sound =(
i dont know why...
i found this one with google

HOWTO: Audigy 2 ZS No sound? Partial sound? Bad sound?

1.First make sure that any on board sound is disabled in the BIOS.

2. Open System -> Preferences -> Sound and check that the default sound card is listed as Audigy.

3. Open up Terminal and type: alsamixer

The volumes below are based on my own setup with 5:1 speakers.

Check that the following have the volume set:

Master (about 74) Bass (set as you like) Treble (set as you like) PCM (about 74) Front (about 74) Surround (about 76) Center (about 74) Audigy A(nalog) (press M on your keyboard to turn it on)

Hopefully you will now have sound!

but this howto does not help =(

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Re: no sound with a audigy 2 zs

Postby Husse » Mon Oct 06, 2008 1:59 pm

Look at this topic
Hope it helps
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