Need USB Bluetooth Dongle for Qiana

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Need USB Bluetooth Dongle for Qiana

Post by antiquexray »

I have loaded the Qiana V2 respin on an a Toshiba L755. I have a well know problem with the sound card in as it works for a short time before going silent. Usb powered speakers with an audio jack works fine. I want to get a usb bluetooth dongle for use with bluetooth speakers. Does anyone know of a brand and model that works out-of-the box?

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Re: Need USB Bluetooth Dongle for Qiana

Post by all41 »

Lost my phone--thought it was history-crying because no backup--dog found phone 5 days later--recharged-worked. So I decided I needed to offload and backup my directories and move to new phone.
That night I bought a dongle on ebay for .01 plus a couple bucks shipping--exactly like this one: ... 27b5241898

It works on all my systems--desktops, old laptops. Pairs both my wife's and my cell phone, at least two friend phones, and my Logitech T651 Trackpad. Works Win7, Petra, & Qiana using Blueman.
Had already thought of getting another to carry in my tool bag--and now that you have reminded me I think I will go ahead and order some--they will make excellent "Stocking Stuffers" for those friends.
Can't say 100% it will work on your Toshiba and with your devices though. Good luck your way
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