FAO RedJak: Dell Bluetooth setup

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Uncle Bob
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FAO RedJak: Dell Bluetooth setup

Postby Uncle Bob » Tue Mar 27, 2007 9:39 am

Hi RedJak, followed your advice on another thread regarding bluetooth on a Dell machine. I did the "hcitool scan" thing and it sees my mobile phone, but I get the following when trying to connect:

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sudo hidd --connect 00:16:B8:9D:E5:05
Can't create HID control channel: Connection refused

I get the prompt to allow connection on the phone, I say yes, and then it asks for a passcode which you have to enter. I use the default 0000 but I get the message as shown above.

When searching for devices from my phone, it does not see my laptop. (Latitude D620)
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Postby RedJak » Sat May 19, 2007 1:58 am

Sorry for the inexcusably late reply, but, IIRC, hidd is only for use with Input devices (Keyboards, Mice, and the like).

Since you're hooking up a Mobile Phone, you should use

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sudo hcitool cc --role=s 00:16:B8:9D:E5:05
to try to connect.

My experience with non-HID bluetooth is farly (and by 'fairly' i mean 'VERY') limited, so, I apologize if this doesn't work.

Again, I am sorry for replying so late.
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