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HP Stream 13 running Linux Mint 17.1

Posted: Tue Mar 03, 2015 7:54 pm
by mikeschn
I bought an HP Stream 13 this weekend. Promptly tried an older copy of Linux Mint that I had on a USB Stick, but it didn't find the wi-fi.

Then I did an internet search to see what other people were using. Do you know there is almost no information on the internet about the HP Stream 13. :?

So I was on my own. Went out and grabbed the latest version of Linux Mint XFCE (17.1) and installed it to a USB stick. Then I shrunk the main Windows partition by 10 gig, and create a new swap partition (512 meg) and an ext4 partition 9.5 gigs.

I installed Mint 17.1 on the 9.5 gig partition.

The first time I started the Stream 13, Mint locked up. It was late so I crashed.

The next day I started up the Stream 13, pressed esc to get the boot menu, and booted to Mint. I walked away and came back an hour later. Wow, it was running! It was at the Mint login screen. I logged in, and noticed I didn't have wi-fi. I restarted a couple more times but still no wi-fi. So I shut down and powered back on. This time it automatically found my wi-fi and connected. Woo-hoo. Did my updates and upgrades, and then figured I'd post the information here...

I've since changed to boot order to boot UEFI Linux Mint first... works like a champ that way.

Now finally I get to play with the Stream 13 and see if I like it. At first blush, yea! It's light. 3.3 pounds. Got a decent keyboard. Plenty of ports, even a USB 3.0 port. And the price was awsome, with the touch screen it was only $279. And the touch screen works in Mint! :D And without the touch screen it's just $229; $201 on Amazon! I'll plug in the HDMI and see how high the resolution goes, and report back.

Does anyone else here have a Sream? Either the 11, the 13 or the 14? Do you know if the eMMC is replaceable? I haven't ripped the bottom case off yet.

Re: HP Stream 13 running Linux Mint 17.1

Posted: Wed Mar 04, 2015 8:04 am
by mikeschn
Just a little more info.

Every 5 minutes the Stream was dropping the Wifi connection, so I removed the mac address, as suggested in another thread, and now the wifi doesn't drop any more. ... 91#p972391

Changing the default boot manager
changing the default boot manager
changing the default boot manager
Booting LinuxMint 17.1 on the Stream 13
Booting Linuxmint 17.1
Booting Linuxmint 17.1
Here's the XFCE desktop on the Stream 13
XFCE desktop on the Stream 13
XFCE desktop on the Stream 13
A new symptom I'm noticing this morning, the Stream doesn't always boot all the way to the login screen. Sometimes it hangs at the Linuxmint splash screen. Powering down, and powering up again usually (but not always) fixes that. Anyone have any ideas why it's hanging? I don't have wifi here in this building, is it hanging because it can't find the wifi I configured at home?


Re: HP Stream 13 running Linux Mint 17.1

Posted: Sun Jun 14, 2015 10:39 pm
by jdabbott51
I found this post after wondering how linux would perform on stream.

I once encountered a similar problem you're reporting when installing linux mint on an old gateway computer. I'd boot and just before the splash screen it would hang in the terminal screen and never initiate. I always equated it to not connecting with the graphics driver. Make sure you're fully connected with the right graphics driver for your manufacturer. Nvidia sometimes didn't cooperate too well. There are some programs you can search that might alleviate this. Sorry to be a bit vague. I'm working off of memory from years ago.