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General HDD/SDx question

Postby lmhero » Thu Dec 04, 2008 3:47 am

Hi, I recently installed Linux Mint 5 KDE and Linux Mint 6-RC1 and I get a similar issue during boot up. Currently have both of these versions installed on 2 HDD partitions and I boot each one using a usb key that has been syslinuxed. I have noticed an issue that seems to affect both versions the same way. I begin with LM5-KDE...I installed LM5 on a partition which I thought was on SDB8. I set up my syslinux config file with the new kernel and initrd.img files and noted in the particular entry that the root was on SDB8. However when I booted the system and selected the LM5-KDE kernel to boot, after a minute, it said that SDB8 did not exist and dropped into a shell. So when I checked the info above, it said that I had an 8th partition on SDD but not on SDB.

To fix this, I copied the entry for LM5-KDE pointing to SDB8 and pasted a new entry will all of the same info above except the root location. For this entry I changed the root location from SDB8 to SDD8. After I syslinuxed my drive again, rebooted, and selected the new LM5-KDE-SDD8 kernel, the system booted right up.

But when I shut the system down and powered back up again and selected the SDD8 entry, the system said that SDD8 didn't exist and dropped into a shell. I checked the info above and sure enough there was an SDB with an 8th partition but on an SDD with an 8th.

So now if I boot into LM5-KDE and the boot fails, I select the 'opposite' entry at the boot prompt and can boot into the system. Wondering if this was an issue found only in LM5, i installed lm6-RC1. I found that the same thing happened and I ended up creating two entries in syslinux config and doing the same thing I did with LM5 to get LM6 to boot. I'm happy that it works, but it's kind of annoying. I hope some else has come across this and might know what's going on here. Also, there is a line in the 'dmesg' info that says "sd driver needs updating" and "sr driver needs updating". I have booted in this same manner with LM4 and never came across this issue. I boot off of SDA2 for LM4.

If someone comes across this and needs more info about this, post your questions and I'll respond. I'll check this thing periodically to see if someone has seen this issue before and posted a solution and/or a cause to this. I did a quick search in google and this forum and couldn't find any information on this issue.

I think this is a really good distribution-I have been using Linux Mint regularly since Daryna and really like it. I thought I would post this issue for LM6-RC1 since it hasn't been released yet hoping this might help make it better. Anyway, thanks!

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Re: General HDD/SDx question

Postby Husse » Mon Dec 08, 2008 8:49 am

I'm not sure I understand you right - sdb and sdd seems odd, but I suspect it is a variation of the problem described and solved here ... annot_boot
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