So far, excellent results on HP pavilion zv6130us

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So far, excellent results on HP pavilion zv6130us

Postby Guest » Sun Dec 07, 2008 1:27 pm

Yesterday I installed Mint Linux on my 4yr old Pavilion zv6130us laptop and so far the results are excellent. I have yet to test everything although below is what I have been able to get going with MINIMAL effort. In the past I have had a lot of experience with different distros and they all have their pros and cons. With my laptop the most annoying thing was to get the broadcom bcm43xx chipset to work under linux. I had it working on SuSE 10 although it would crap out every once in a while. After three days, Mint Linux is constantly loading the driver and connecting to my home wireless as effortlessly as my Mac or Windows machine. Very well done. BTW, is there a place to document that my laptop works with Mint Linux besides this post and the linux compatibility database?

-after driver installation of fwcutter / bcm4300 wireless is working flawlessly for three days now
-media codecs are working flawlessly (I am listening to music as I type, been able to listen to mp3s and watch mpegs, mp4s from windows partition and iPod)
-access to windows partitions and writing to them (both FAT32 and NTFS)
-access to iPod
-access to memory card reader (read and wrote to MMC and SD cards)
-access to HP quicklaunch buttons (nice unexpected functionality)
-ATI drivers
-just about everything

Yet to test:
- write a CD/DVDs
- bluetooth & file transfer
- VM ware

Very well done Mint team!


Re: So far, excellent results on HP pavilion zv6130us

Postby Guest » Sun Dec 07, 2008 8:02 pm

OK, so VMWare is working on my machine and I ran a 25GB image of Windows XP with a large enterprise application. Although there were times the latency was very annoying, at some point it began to respond decently. My laptop has 1.25GB of RAM and since the application I was running is enterprise grade, I am fairly happy with the results.

As I said in my post, Linux Mint is proving to be very good so far for three days (Just want to clarify the three day mark since in my previous post I mention that I installed it yesterday). Till now the only complaints I have are as follows:

1. Movie Player: this app worked well for two days. Now, I attempted to watch a video and after choosing play the video window was black. I had to click on full screen and this solved the issue (as long as I did not move the mouse, otherwise, the video window would go black)
2. Upon first loading the 25GB image in VMWare the application was fairly irresponsive for the first ten minutes. After that, it began to respond fairly well.

That is my take. Still, extremely satisfied...

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