Simple TV Tuner setup wanted...

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Simple TV Tuner setup wanted...

Postby Intheswamp » Fri Dec 19, 2008 10:02 am

I am wanting to add a tv tuner to my little Linux Mint box (Elyssa). I've been running Elyssa for a while now but I consider myself a rank newbie to Linux as this is my first Linux computer. I would like to add a tv tuner to the computer, either a USB stick or a PCI seems that the card is reported as given better performance, though. I'm not looking for a HTPC, maybe later, but for now would just like to tinker with getting OTA reception via my computer at my rural location.

Currently I'm using a Samsung 260 set-top-box and a CM4228 (old style) in conjunction with a CM7777 pre-amp with my primary display in the den. My reception with the den setup starts at a tower about 20 miles from me going on up to 67 miles for my longest, consistent reception. I will probably either tie into the existing antenna or maybe setup a dedicated one (that I already have on hand).

I'm not interested NTSC. HDTV is a plus.

The two tuners that I'm looking at are:

Avermedia AverTV HD Volar USB 2.0

Both are stated by as being supported.

I know folks say don't use surplus equipment, but...that's what I've got. Here's the basic setup:

Dell 2.4ghz mobo
768mb ram
N17 video card (64mb?)
320gig HD
Dell 181UR Card, Sound Blaster Live 512V
Dell 1708FPt 17-inch LCD monitor
D-link wireless network card

The computer is used primarily for surfing the net, looking up ham radio callsigns,...nothing really intense. The tv tuner would mostly be used for news, weather, and ballgames(maybe)....and something to tinker with. :) Like I said, I'm not looking to build a HTPC at the moment...just incorporate a tv tuner into the computer.

So with the crippled system that I have could someone recommend one of the tv tuners above? The USB is very attractive because of it's pricing (~$25+s/h), the PCI is more expensive (~$80+s/h).

While we're at it....a software recommendation would be good, too. I looked through the MythTV manual last night at it was, well, shall we say "a tad intimidating" for this pea-brain. :)

Thanks for taking the time and trouble to respond,

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Re: Simple TV Tuner setup wanted...

Postby keplerspeed » Fri Dec 19, 2008 11:35 pm

I have a Pinnacle PCTV usb stick, and it has worked amazingly with ubuntu 8.04, 8.10 and of course, mint.

All I needed to do was load the correct firmware and install the em28xx driver module, by following this tutorial: ... xx-devices

I am using Kaffeine as my tv client, i know it kde application... but its a good application. IT was that simple, follow the tut, install kaffeine, reboot and then watch tv!

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Re: Simple TV Tuner setup wanted...

Postby Intheswamp » Sat Dec 20, 2008 10:38 am

Thanks for the feedback keplerspeed. I had ruled out the Pinnacles because of negative reviews on different retail websites. But, being as 99.99% of those reviews were from winDoze users I guess they have to be taken with a big pinch of salt rather than a grain of it.

Which Pinnacle stick are you using? Are you in a local or fringe broadcast area? My closest xmitter is 12 miles away and is a low-powered PBS station. Everything else is between 20-70 miles away. Thus, I'm looking for a sensitive receiver....of course the tuner/receiver has to work with my system, too. :wink:

Thanks again for your feedback!



Re: Simple TV Tuner setup wanted...

Postby Intheswamp » Sat Dec 20, 2008 11:14 am

Hmmm. I just looked and it looks like all of my PCI slots are taken. There is the modem card, listed on the Dell website as "9R460 MDM,V92,INT,DFV,SOFT,PORF " which I *think* I can remove with no problems (I'm connected wireless). This would open up a PCI slot. From Dell's cryptic description I can't tell whether the modem card has other functions other than simply being a modem. Am I safe to remove the modem or is it just one of those "pull it and see" situations?

Thanks again,

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