Maxtor One Touch II External Hard Drive

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Maxtor One Touch II External Hard Drive

Postby Meteor » Sat Dec 27, 2008 7:03 pm

Good day, eh!

I have just found an older (2005, I think) external hard drive that I used in the "daze" Windows was installed on a desktop system I had. I haven't been able to get Felicia to find it, or if she has, she hasn't told me where it is (other than on my desk with a blue light showing). I think that she should find "Max" right away and invite him to join in the "fun" when they're booted. Is there something specific I need to do to have "Max" introduce himself to Felicia?

"Max" is a 200 GB external hard drive connected via USB. His "on" light is glowing. I'm sure that there are files on his platters -- old Windows stuff. I've hooked him up to my Gateway laptop -- about 3 or so years old -- via a four port USB connector plugged into the laptop. Here he joins two flash drives and a HP printer, filling the ports.

Documentation for "Max" indicates that Windows needs to have software installed (how strange?) for him to run. Would Felicia not just say "Howdy, welcome to the corral, pardner" (I'm in the wild west of Canada, eh...) and have him work?

Do I need to erase all of the Windows stuff before I do anything and, if so, how is that done? I'll need to see, of course, what's on the hard drive so I would appreciate knowing how I do that.

BTW, Felicia is still running from her Live CD as my other OS (18 months ancient) has some work on it that needs to be finished. No," /Home" is not a separate entity on the laptop drive and I'm not sure I could move it (but I'll search the forums to see how it's done as I'm sure it can be...).

I'm looking forward to working full time with Felicia and, hopefully "Max". Your most helpful words of wisdom are awaited.


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Re: Maxtor One Touch II External Hard Drive

Postby Husse » Sun Dec 28, 2008 12:00 pm

For starters ... _partition
I think the drive should be found
Open a terminal and run lsusb (right click to copy) and post the result here (with the drive connected of course :))
But it may not be just a disk but some hardware to support automatic backups + a disk....
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Re: Maxtor One Touch II External Hard Drive

Postby Pierre » Mon Dec 29, 2008 8:17 am

you may find that it's formatted to NTFS - & needs changed to fat32 <preferred> or to ext3.
via Gparted.

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Re: Maxtor One Touch II External Hard Drive

Postby bobpur » Sun Jan 04, 2009 9:15 am

I agree with Pierre up to a point.

I have a Maxtor One Touch (120 gb) that used to have a fit with linux. The One Touch has some pre-installed software that linux doesn't digest very well.

Remove everything from the drive that you want to keep and re-format it. I used NTFS and mine works fine now as most modern distros can read / write to NTFS.

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