Afterglow XBox Controller working... not with all games

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Afterglow XBox Controller working... not with all games

Post by Vampyre »

Hey there,

I switched to Linux just a few days ago, and I nailed most of the initial problems I had met. There is one left and I quite don't good understand.

I have an Afterglow XBox Controller (wired) connected to my Linux Mint. I know this controller has no issue since it was working with every games on Windows. I've installed a bunch of games on my new Linux machine, and I wasn't sure if the controller was working or not. Bioshock Infinite wasn't recognizing the controller at least.

From Bioshock Infinite, I switched to another one : Spec Ops : The Line. Same thing, not sure the controller was working.

I then switched to Steam Big Screen. Surprise, the controller was working there flawlessly without doing anything. A relief, the controller seemed to work.
I tested the following games, and none of them was working : Bioshock Infinite, Spec Ops : The Line, Brütal Legend, Rogue Legacy and X-Rebirth
On the other hand, some games were working flawlessly : Bastion, Cargo Commander, Left 4 Dead 2 and Legend of Dungeon.

So basically, my controller do work. But some games don't recognize its entries. Do you guys know if there is a workaround ?

Thanks !
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