keyboard stroke time lag

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keyboard stroke time lag

Post by siawacsh » Fri Sep 25, 2015 4:35 pm

Hello, I am not sure whether my problem is software or hardware but since optimizing my new solid state drive some times I experience a time lag between my keyboard strokes to cursor response times. This can happen with a client application such as thunderbird and also cloud based applications. I would appreciate it if some one could throw some light on this.

The optimization carried out were
Leaving 10% unallocated space on my new Kingston Hyper X Savage 240 gig
converting my file system from ext4 to XFS
adding noatime and discard to FSTAB
Disabling hibernation.

Having purchased my new drive I noticed other SSD drives better supported by Linux. Do solid state drives need specific drivers to function optimally? Should I try to get a replacement?


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