CD/DVD tray opening at random

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CD/DVD tray opening at random

Post by robertmf »

linux mint/MATE desktop 17.3 on a Dell Optiplex 755 SFF

The cd/dvd tray opens mysteriously by itself at random times even when not in use. Anybody have any ideas not in the Twilight Zone? :wink:

This does not happen on the Optiplex minitower 745 also running 17.3
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Re: CD/DVD tray opening at random

Post by exploder »

Could the drive possibly be failing?
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Re: CD/DVD tray opening at random

Post by Cosmo. »

Does this happen with a disk inserted or with an empty tray?

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Re: CD/DVD tray opening at random likely due to twist in drive

Post by GopherBaroque »

My recent media PC rebuild exhibited just that. This is a new motherboard+friends stuffed into an old case/DVD drive that had been used for years with DVD drive working fine. Pull the DVD drive carrier out, swap motherboard and stuff, reinstall DVD drive into the case, what's the big deal? Turns out the upper mounting screw twists the drive just enough to fool the tray sensor; removing the screw allows the drive carrier to relax and let the drive act normal again. In my case, so to speak, there is a slide-in clip system on the bottom of the drive carrier that does most of the mounting, the upper screw seems to just be there for extra stability. If I do need to replace the upper screw some day, it will only take a mm or so additional relief on one side of the clearance hole to refit it without twisting the carrier.)
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Re: CD/DVD tray opening at random

Post by all41 »

This sounds like the dvd tray is not getting fully loaded--the old stretched drive belt problem.
See this thread:
viewtopic.php?f=46&t=174130&hilit=rubbe ... 20#p903311
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Re: CD/DVD tray opening at random

Post by ramohl »

I really don't think this is a hardware problem. I have the same issue on mint in a dual boot scenario with windows 7. It pops open continually in mint, and never in windows 7.
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