Mint does not see

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Mint does not see

Postby fintro » Thu Mar 19, 2009 7:08 am


On my system:
Intel Q 6600
Asus P5E3
2M DDR3 Corsair 1333
Nvidia 9600 Gt
2 WD disks in Hard Raid 0 controlled by a pci Promise Fast track Tx 2300 with Windows XP
1 disk Seagate 250 with Mint6 Felicia + data partition NTFS.

Just made a migration from Mandriva, and I find Felicia more elegant and more stable.
Only one problem: Felicia does not see files in my Raid array.
With Mandriva I could read and write in the array with Windows.
Actually "lspci" command reports:
Raid bus controller Promise Technology inc. 20771 (FastTrack TX 2300) rev02
How can I make Felicia see my Raid?
(the Promise site offers some old "drivers for Linux" not suitable for Ubuntu, if Googling you go to these drivers all the time)

Thank you

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Re: Mint does not see

Postby merlwiz79 » Mon Mar 23, 2009 7:06 pm

I haven't used a raid array so I don't have all the info.
What type of raid array are you using?
I believe you need to install dmraid(Hardware Raid) or mdadm(Software Raid).

Locate the raid(look for something like /dev/md0 or /dev/mapper/)

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sudo fdisk -l

Refresh for dmraid.

Code: Select all

sudo dmraid -ay

Then to mount you can try.

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sudo mkdir /media/raid

Change /dev/md0 to whatever yours is:(replace FILESYSTEM with the correct filesystem of the raid ie ext3)

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sudo mount -t FILESYSTEM /dev/md0 /media/raid

Edit this may help:

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